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During almost 25 years of officiating at religious, civil and interfaith wedding ceremonies, I have always told each couple that it is “your day, your moment and your wedding”. I will provide you with guidance and suggestions in selecting readings, vows and prayers so that the ceremony will be personalized to the extent that you wish. Or, if you prefer, I will select and prepare these parts of the ceremony for you. This is a pivotal moment in your life, even if you’ve known each other for a long time, and the celebration which you have with your family and friends will be meaningful, beautiful and full of love.

I am an interfaith minister and I officiate at religious, civil and interfaith ceremonies.  I was ordained as a Roman Catholic priest in 1980 and since 1983 my ministry is no longer affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church.  I am affiliated with three religious organizations:  C.I.T.I. (an organization of active, married Catholic priests), the Federation of Christian Ministries and the Old Catholic Church of North America. Many of the ceremonies at which I officiate are from the Catholic tradition for Catholics who, for a variety of reasons, cannot or choose not to be married in the Roman Catholic Church.  I also officiate at many interfaith ceremonies including Jewish/Catholic ceremonies where I co-officiate with a Rabbi or Cantor.  Along with my associates, I officiate at wedding ceremonies all over Long Island, in New York City and beyond.

Counseling for couples who are preparing for marriage is not required but is offered for any couples who may wish to avail themselves of this opportunity to explore, with guidance, methods and questions which may help to deepen and strengthen the commitment you are about to make.

I consider myself fortunate to be able to accompany you for a while at this wonderful time of your life. It can also be a trying time. And the way that you handle the challenges you face as a couple now may well become valuable learning experiences for you to deepen your relationship as you grow together through all the years ahead. I am happy to be with you on that journey and to be available to you whenever you may need me in the future.

Complimentary Massage

I am blessed with a wife who is a massage therapist and acupuncturist. She offers one complimentary massage therapy treatment to couples whose wedding ceremonies I am performing.  This is our gift to you and we hope it will help alleviate some of those “tensions” as you prepare for the big day.